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Is it incredible how technology has adopt looking our world? Welcome to basic technology, but by now we begin our lesson, imagine what our world would be as soon as without technology, which means there will be no schools, no houses, no cars, no roads, no planes, no electricity and so concerning, it would be taking into account living in the jungle because in this area all we see not far off from us that is man-made is a product of technology. The ask is, what is technology, anything made by humans to make energy easy and fun, in imitation of your cell phones and cars, or is it the processes and ideas that along with to the add to of these devices, and technology includes both.

what is technology basic technology

So permit’s go into detail technology to make and use goods and facilities to succeed to added goals as skilfully what does that direct let me melody by consent to take you nonexistence to construct a home first you would compulsion an architect to appeal the blueprint now, that is knowledge, subsequently you would dependence builders to put the bricks, that’s the knack, and you would compulsion a carpenter to construct the roof.

This is a technique but wait whose idea it was to construct this ablaze the man eye was a civil engineer now this is a technology that encompasses any process on the go in creating a abet or product from an idea to over and finished in the middle of products and even knowing how to use the ended products, most of the completely large and complicated machines and devices that we have today are products of technology that started from completely comprehensible or basic techniques and ideas, and improvements have been made more than time and today we have whatever you ventilate, there is no subside to advances in technology, improvements are made regularly and who knows what the subsequent to will bring The basic ideas and techniques needed by technicians , are introduced to you in basic technology to prepare you for the higher to truthful this lesson that I am giving you Always recall that technology is the application of human knowledge techniques and ideas to create goods and services and achieve new goals,.

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