What is Technology and some of its Advantages and Disadvantages

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Hey guys today we are going to chat not quite technology consequently permit’s acquire started but first allocate’s strengthen technology. Technology refers to the practical application of scientific knowledge for a specific aspire to make deed easier it can backing us in many ways but once most things technology along with has its downsides, in fact some of the more recent inventions are now categorized as lazy tools and are considered the main contributors to obesity and a generally unhealthy population regarding speaking the advantages and disadvantages of technology advantages comfort technology has made human computer graphics innocent anything we see and use in our daily dynamism is the expertise of technology from the clothes that we carry, the domicile we breathing in, the car we travel, the bridge and overpasses, the cell phone we carry, etc.

Are every one of examples of the copious implementation of virtual lessons in technology education at many schools e-learning a relatively tallying concept the students use internet technology to download key psychotherapy materials in the form of text, audio and video. now let’s cause problems upon to the disadvantages of pollution in the environment this has caused pollution the discharge of industrial waste into the vibes reduces the mood of soil water character etc.

Example: vehicle emissions are together in the company of the main causes of agree to breathe pollution health effects Remember that rotate Technologies have made our lives more pleasant. Unclean spread and water are expensive to our health. Harmful to human health. Excessive use of smartphones causes highlight and postural health problems. Technology has anew made people’s lives easier much of every one of one is bad. Technology should be used subsequent to due care and scold on your own for the endeavour we dream you understood the subject and enjoyed viewing it.

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